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Spotted Dick

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Spotted Dick
and other authentic dishes with curious names

By Farrah Knight (Author)
Over the years, recipes evolve for one reason or another, and sometimes these reasons give their names to a particular dish, such as ‘Half-pay Pudding’ - created by a thrifty cook during hard times. On the other hand, some old-fashioned favourites, like ‘Zeppelins in a Cloud’ derive their titles from the way they look.
The origins of many names are now lost to us, but the names themselves persist in vintage recipe collections handed down from past generations.

These authentic recipes are presented here almost exactly as they first appeared. Toad-in-the Hole, Pigs in Blankets, Gooseberry Fool, Moonshine Pudding, Cock a Leekie Soup, Meat in Ambush, Tuesday Soup, Angels on Horseback, Hedgehog, Black Bottom Pudding... these genuine vintage recipes with wacky names are a lot of fun and could provide a talking point at your next dinner-party!

Here they are together, in a unique and hilarious collection!



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  • Publication Date: Oct 31 2012

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More About the Creators



Farrak Knight is a journalist who, as a child, was always intrigued by her grandmother's cookbooks. She used to spend hours leafing through them, marvelling at the alchemy of cookery and the weird and wonderful names attached to some of the recipes. Now at last she is sharing her delight with the world in these two unique and funny publications, complete with genuine illustrations from newspaper of the time.

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